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Will work 4 food

Posted on May 15, 2016
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Jay and Chuck are good friends of Pug Fanatic and they need a little introduction.

Chuck a.k.a. Charlie Brown is a 13 year old fawn pug residing in Fort Collins, CO. He mostly hangs with his family, Markew and Sam the Man, but when he's not hanging with them he's with Jay and Matt... hobos with i-phones.

This Charmer has stolen my heart. He's most welcome to stay with our family when his friends go #flyfishing somewhere #bitchin. We spoil him as any pug should be spoiled.

As for Jay, well he's #megabitchin! Jay J is the class clown, check out his bio on Costa Sunglasses webby here. #geofish #pigfarmink

Guaranteed the antics of these two aren't over so Stay tuned!


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