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Kigurumi Pug Costume

Posted on September 15, 2013
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Our friends at Animal Costumes Shop have announced some very exciting news – there’s a new animal to join their product line, and guess what… it’s a pug! Not only that but it’s utterly adorable, capturing the pug face in all its doe-eyed, crooked-ear beauty, with its tongue poking out and a cute red collar to boot.

costume front

Like a lot of the animal costumes at Animal Costumes Shop, the pug costume is a “kigurumi” – a Japanese dressing up craze for all-in-one, adult-sized onesies that will disguise you as an animal without covering your face. They were originally made as pyjamas, so they’re super-comfy and made of a really soft and warm polyester fleece material. It goes without saying that, as well as pyjamas, it would make a great pug-themed costume too.

costume back

You can find out more, or buy the pug kigurumi costume from: Animal Costumes Shop

costume side

Alternatively you could always enter the Silent Auction at our Pugs in the Park event on the 22nd September – we’ll be giving one away to a lucky winner!

Visit Colorado Pug Rescue for details here

pugs flyer


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