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A list of our friends

  • Morfar

    Meet: Morfar

    Breed: fawn Pug

    Birthdate: 14.12.2008

    Age: 4

    Hometown: Oslo

    Pastime: Sleep, bark at birds and skateboards, chew stuff, fart, eat, do mischief and cuddle!

    Favorite Toy(s): Pink hippopatimus, green and yellow know, paper, ball, bone.

  • Vinny the Pug

    Meet: Vinny the Pug

    Breed: Pug, what other breed is there?

    Birthdate: July 1, 2000

    Age: 12 Human Years

    Hometown: Orlando, Florida

    Pastime: I'm now retired from my favorite past time of mountain climbing. I now contribute 100% of my time, energies and resources supporting pet rescue and animal causes.

    I would like to ask the assistance of "" with Vinny the Pug's final and most important quest ever, his quest to lead the U.S. and Canada towards 100% NO-KILL by 2020. Please send an email to so that I can inform you of how you can help us.


    Vincent Thomas Pug
    aka Vinny the Pug

    Favorite Toy(s): Mountains, boulders and other such things to climb atop.

  • Ellie Marie

    Meet: Ellie Marie

    Breed: Puggy

    Birthdate: Halloween, same as my Mommy

    Age: 4

    Hometown: Iowa

    Pastime: I enjoy everything from barking at squirrels to helping clean the kitchen floor. Anything you want to do, I'll come with you! I also really like cuddling with my sister Gracie.

    Favorite Toy(s): Stuffed animals

  • Coletrain aka P.Dids

    Meet: Coletrain aka P.Dids

    Breed: Pug/Dachsund

    Birthdate: January 21, 2007

    Age: 35

    Hometown: Ocean City, MD

    Pastime: Sleeping, eating, napping, playing with my crack BALL, sleeping, annoying my brother and sister, did I mention napping with my parents and favorite aunt

    Favorite Toy(s): Crack ball or anything that is not mine

  • Jambi

    Meet: Jambi

    Breed: Pugalicious

    Birthdate: adopted April 4th, 2009

    Age: a very young 6 1/2

    Hometown: Atlanta, GA

    Pastime: connoisseur of poops and lover of all food, teaming up with my sister to play a raucous game of take down the beast with our pittie brother, snuggling, napping and more snuggling, making my pet parents laugh with my antics, and posing for the camera whenever there is one around.

    Favorite Toy(s): a good bone

  • Harley

    Meet: Harley

    Breed: Puggy

    Birthdate: May 5, 2005

    Age: 49 dog years

    Hometown: Fort Collins, CO

    Pastime: I enjoy walks but mostly being the center of attention is my favorite smile

    Favorite Toy(s): Favorite? Well that would be my Ducky.

  • Zoey

    Meet: Zoey

    Breed: Pug

    Birthdate: June 1, 2011

    Age: 1

    Hometown: Tucson, Arizona

    Pastime: Sleeping under the covers, eating carrots, going to grandma's house, keeping watch over the house & harassing Olive (cat sister).

    Favorite Toy(s): Any toy that belongs to someone else.

  • Milly

    Meet: Milly

    Breed: Pug

    Birthdate: Oct. 10

    Age: 7

    Hometown: Fort Collins, CO

    Pastime: My favorites in random order are...playing with my sister Niki as well as digging, barking, begging, chasing, sleeping, and licking.

    Favorite Toy(s): Plushies, balls, ropes, bones, and whatever I can get my paws on.