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A list of our friends

  • Gracie Pops

    Meet: Gracie Pops

    Breed: Puggy

    Birthdate: July 4th

    Age: I'm almost 13!

    Hometown: Midwest

    Pastime: I love following mom and dad around, napping and looking adorable

    Favorite Toy(s): I love sucking on my babies and playing with my sisters.

  • Kipú & Pituka

    Meet: Kipú & Pituka

    Breed: Pug and black Pug

    Birthdate: 12/2012 and 05/2013

    Hometown: São Paulo - Brazil

    Pastime: destroy carpet, pugrun, play with dog friends (or acquaintances) in public places.

    Favorite Toy(s): Little tennis balls, shoes, any forbiden-biting stuff.

  • Chewbacca

    Meet: Chewbacca

    Breed: Pure Bred Pug

    Birthdate: October 31

    Age: 4

    Hometown: wa

    Pastime: Chewbacca is a spooky little guy considering he was born on halloween! He is really just a sweet heart.

    Favorite Toy(s): His: Little bear


    Meet: FRANK

    Breed: FURK

    Birthdate: 07/03/2013

    Age: 3 MONTHS



    Favorite Toy(s): SHOES

  • Thunder-Pug

    Meet: Thunder-Pug

    Breed: Da Pugz

    Birthdate: 04/13/10

    Age: 3

    Hometown: Greeley,CO

    Pastime: I love to eat and sleep and eat smile. I love to play with my big sister Azure (GSD) and go to work with mommy everyday. I am hoping to become a therapy dog in the next few months. I am Thunder pug of them all!

    Favorite Toy(s): My squeaky dragon toy and my Azure.

  • Ziggy

    Meet: Ziggy

    Breed: Pug

    Birthdate: February 18, 2006

    Age: 7

    Hometown: Alexandria

    Pastime: Ziggy is a spunky, fun, loving Pug. He is like my second child. He has been with me through the worst of time and the best of times......without him I don't know how I'd have made it. I love him to the Moon and back! smile

    Favorite Toy(s): loves stealing our socks, absolutely LOVES his mini KONG full of peanut butter. lol

  • Piper Marie

    Meet: Piper Marie

    Breed: Pug

    Birthdate: February 9, 2013

    Age: 9 weeks

    Hometown: Council Bluffs, Iowa

    Pastime: This baby black pug loves to play with her sisters, Gracie and Ellie and is learning that Mr.Kitty is not a force to be reckoned with!
    She loves children, running with wild abandon, chewing on everything, eating and listening to her Mama sing all the pug favorites, getting up at 3am with Daddy full of piss and vinegar. And she definetly loves Kid Rock!

    Favorite Toy(s): Its a little chew bone that belongs to her older sister. A battered bunny and her blankie.

  • Meeko

    Meet: Meeko

    Breed: Pug

    Birthdate: 1/25/2003

    Age: 10

    Hometown: Yelm, Washington

    Pastime: Meeko enjoys eating grain free treats, lounging in his bed and loving his humans. His favorite thing to do is make sure the leavs and wind are kept in line by arfing ferociously at them! I believe he may be part bird since he loves to perch on my shoulders and eat the seed that his Love Bird throws out his cage to him.

    Favorite Toy(s): Snakie! Meeko LOVES loves LOVES all stuffed snakes!