“Lola Pug”

“Lola Pug”

“Lola Pug”

Very excited to announce the awaited release of Lola Pug!   -Written by Carina Lagnado and beautifully illustrated by Emily Colenso. The book was just recently released on April 30th. We were thrilled to read it!!



The whole family enjoyed this book and laughed at how adorable little Lola pug is!

Especially our Story book expert; Ms. Milly Marie smile

Lola Pug is a light, lovable picture book with expressive illustrations that are irresistible. Well written and such a delightful story.



Here's a summary for you all about Lola Pug;



The Adams family live in a country cottage, surrounded by their pets and the farm animals who munch the grass in the orchards. Isabel really wants one more pet - her very own puppy. Big? Small? Hairy? Bouncy?

They choose Lola, an adorable pug -

but sometimes it's hard being a little bit different. The village fair gives Lola a chance to shine and, before long, everyone loves her!







Carina Lagnado and Lola Pug, of course!


We really enjoyed it as will you! We at Pug Fanatic give it 2 paws up!!

Whether you are a child, a parent, or just a regular pug-lover, you are going to fall in love with Lola Pug.

This 32 page picture book would make a great addition to your collection, or a great gift too.

To purchase a copy of the hardback book Lola Pug online here's a quick link to buy it on Amazon -We hope you enjoy!



Lola Pug



Thanks for reading all! Pugs and Kisses

Pug Fanatic


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